Code of conduct

It is our corporate policy to conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical, moral and legal standards throughout all business areas. This means, first and foremost, that we comply with all applicable laws and regulations – even if that means not to win a project or missing a business target. However, Compliance at Exyte goes further. We act with integrity and respect for business partners and for colleagues. 

The Exyte Code of Conduct defines and summarizes the standards for legal compliance and ethical conduct for Exyte Group. It determines how we interact and work within Exyte and provides the basis for relationships with third parties like clients, suppliers and consultants. The Exyte Code of Conduct applies to all Exyte legal entities, offices and sites and is directly binding on all employees, directors and officers. Exyte will also seek to influence and encourage subcontractors and suppliers to adopt our standards. 

All employees are expected to understand and comply with the Exyte Code of Conduct and to apply it when conducting day-to-day business.

If you are not sure how to interpret laws or the Exyte Code of Conduct, please consult with the Exyte Compliance Team ( 


Acting in compliance with the Exyte Code of Conduct is the right way.

Everywhere. For everyone.


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