Executive team

Our experienced team of leaders has an outstanding reputation and extensive sector experience. They work diligently, to develop our teams and ensure each project is a success for our clients.

Exyte Executive Board

Dr. Wolfgang Büchele

Chief Executive Officer Exyte

Dr. Wolfgang Büchele was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Exyte in March 2017.

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Peter Schönhofer

Chief Financial Officer Exyte

Peter Schönhofer was appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Exyte in August 2020.

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Roberto Penno

Chief Operating Officer Exyte

Roberto Penno was appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Exyte in March 2017. 

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Global Business Units

Mark Garvey

Advanced Technology Facilities President

Mark Garvey was appointed President of Exyte's Asia-Pacific Region (APAC) in May 2015.

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Herbert Blaschitz

Executive Vice President Global Business Unit ATF

Herbert Blaschitz was appointed Executive Vice President at Exyte for the Global Business Unit Advanced Technology Facilities (ATF) in January 2015.

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Christopher Miller

Biopharma & Life Sciences President

Christopher Miller was appointed President of Exyte's Americas Region and Operations Director US Inc. in November 2019.

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Ronan Donohue

Executive Vice President Global Business Unit BLS

Ronan Donohue was appointed Executive Vice President of the Global Business Unit Biopharma & Life Sciences (BLS) at Exyte in May 2021.

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Ralf Gräber

Data Center President

Ralf Gräber was appointed President at Exyte for the Global Business Unit Data Center (DTC) in October 2017.

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Spokespersons Regional and Business Areas

Jim Davis

United States

Holger Kirchner

Continental Europe

David Denver

Northern Europe and Israel

SiokPeng Tan

Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia

Dr. Michael Löffelmann

Technology & Services