Pranav Mehta

Technical Director Biopharma & Life Sciences

Pranav has over 25 years of professional experience in the Biopharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Chemical industries. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering.

His background is Process and Chemical Engineering and he has worked in the capacity of Project and Engineering Management for various process chemicals and pharmaceutical projects. He is well versed with design software like ASPEN, Flarenet, Pipe flo, PV elite, Safety relief system etc.

Pranav has vast experience in chemical reaction study and scaling up. He has published numerous international papers/presentations in the industry, most of which are of high impact factor and large direct citation, especially on Esterification, Catalysis and other related chemical processes. 

Currently, Pranav is the Technical Director in Exyte Singapore BLS business and is critical to the success of all Process Design works delivered by the company.

Focus Areas
Specialty Chemical Industry                               
  • Coating/Paint                                              
  • Lube Oil/Oleo-chemicals/Oil additives     
  • Fermentation
  • API
  • Polymer and Rubber
  • High Purity Chemicals
  • High Purity Alumina
  • Lithium Bromide/Hydroxide
Pharmaceutical Projects
  • Solid Dosage, Formulations
  • Biotech

Contact Information

+65 9021 9907