30 Years of Excellence in APAC: Looking back, looking forward...

Our incredible APAC journey of 30 years started with a phone call!

Juergen Giesmann (the salesman), Helmut Laub (the project manager and systems engineer), and Dr. Rudolf Simon (the technologist) from Exyte (then known as M+W group) were anxiously waiting for the decision. There were no cell phones back then and the team was huddled around the telephone in the hotel room. A day before, they had made a presentation to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to pitch for the setup of a semiconductor plant equipped with a cleanroom. Till then, there was a popular perception that only the Japanese could do this. But the team took on the challenge and decided to travel to Asia.

Finally, the phone rang and Klaus Wiemer, then TSMC’s COO, called to award the project to M+W. They were mighty impressed by the team’s technical expertise, agility to adapt and confidence.


And the rest as they say, is history!

The successful delivery of TSMC project set the tone for us in the region. At the end of 2018, we generated sales of € 3.5 billion globally with APAC contributing over 50% of the pie. We have built and nurtured long lasting relationships with our clients across Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Mainland China. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), our first client in APAC, continues to collaborate with us to this day!

Today, we operate across Asia offering the full spectrum of services from consulting, design, engineering, construction to validation and qualification. 3000 employees (of our global strength of 5600) reside in Asia. Our common principles and values guide our decisions and ensure that we are focused on solving our clients' most complex problems in the way we work.

Dr. Wolfgang Büchele, CEO, Exyte GmbH reflects on our achievements, “We will continue to invest in APAC in order to support our customers and to strengthen our excellent market position and achieve our ambitious goals. We are doing this by combining our international reputation and our aspiration to be a “local company”.


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Our employees do not rest on their laurels and go from strength to strength.

We would not be where we are today without our employees. From the enterprising pioneers who established our presence in the region, to the professionals and experts powering our technical know-how in the facilities that we design and build, right down to the individuals and teams who work tirelessly in the background -we are here today because of their outstanding efforts.

Mark Garvey, President, Exyte Asia Pacific, echoes these sentiments as he shares this message with his Exyte APAC family, “As we celebrate our 30th anniversary in Asia, I feel a great sense of pride and appreciation for the opportunity to work with a talented, committed and trustworthy team who continue to deliver world class work - on time, on budget and most importantly, safely. Our people are our greatest assets and the safety of our people is a priority.”

With our in-house expertise in planning, design, engineering and project management, the team has delivered numerous projects across a variety of industries, including semiconductors, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology, specialty chemicals and data center.


Our people have had incredible adventures!

Lily Ma is a trailblazer!

Lily joined us in 1996 and has progressed far in her career to become a Senior Commercial Manager at Exyte China. Lily is well regarded by the clients and is a prominent figure at the project sites.

What does she value the most? “Whether it is mentors who have guided me or my fellow colleagues who have been with me through "thick and thin", they were part of my success. And I want to pay it forward!”

Kai Stohrer relishes new challenges and experiences!

Kai moved from Germany to Asia in 2005 to lead our first project in Malaysia. He loved the experience so much, he has been in Malaysia ever since! Today, Kai is a Senior Commercial Manager and enjoys the multiculturalism and the dynamism of the teams at work.

“Building a facility is not a one-man task; it is the collective effort of a huge team of people across various disciplines, functions and roles. We will have to stick together until the project is delivered. There will be a lot of 'blood, sweat and tears' but whenever we achieve our milestones, we will also celebrate those moments," says Kai.

Maheswaran Nair takes great pride in his expertise!

As the Engineering- Process Manager in Exyte China, Nair is well respected for his technical expertise and has delivered many successful projects for our semiconductor clients in Mainland China. Nair revels in the numerous opportunities he gets at Exyte to demonstrate impact.

“I am proud to be able to use my competences to participate in the design and build of many large scale fabs and solve complex problems during the execution of these projects."

Fareed’s passion for safety runs in his family! As the Country Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) Lead in Singapore, he says "Our commitment to safety permeates through the organization and is evident in how we value it at the workplace. Personally, I would also like that we bring this behavior back home to our families." The company's commitment and Fareed's belief in safety made him recommend his brother Muhammed Ferros for the job of a Mechanical Supervisor at a client's job site. With the company's huge focus on safety, he trusts that his brother will be in good hands. A proud Ferros shares, "Nothing is more important to me than ensuring that the teams at our job sites are working under safe conditions."


Building our future together

Dr. Wolfgang Büchele, CEO, Exyte GmbH is buoyant about the road ahead, “I am convinced by the market potential of the APAC region and our strategy based on key trends and growth-drivers such as growing population, digitization, artificial intelligence and big data.” He adds, “I am very confident that Exyte will continue its success path in APAC. Hundreds of realized projects stand for our customer proximity. We have a clear roadmap to drive a sustainable and diversified growth.”

Our people stay focused on our clients. And we stay focused on our people. Onboarding and investing in the right talent is a strategic imperative at Exyte. One of our marquee talent programs is the Exyte's Graduate Development Program in Mainland China, Singapore and Taiwan. The programme equips graduate engineers with real-life engineering skills and hands-on experience in projects right from day one at Exyte. Yi Ning who joined us in 2018 at Exyte Singapore shares, “I have really enjoyed and learnt a lot from the program. The first-hand experience in managing projects and being able to work alongside many of the best engineers in the industry made the learning curve steep yet extremely fruitful."


The best is yet to come! Stay tuned for more!