Key reasons to work for us

With the scale and international reach of our business and the broad range of projects we are involved with, Exyte has many career opportunities for all entry levels ranging from students to senior professionals. There are quite some key reasons to join our team of world-class experts.

Core values and culture

Our core values underpin everything that we do. We are particularly proud of our ‘can-do’ culture. At Exyte, we stress the importance of people, as they are the core of our business and ensure our future success. Our top priorities are our responsibilities to an injury-free workplace, health, safety, ethics, sustainability, including in the communities in which we operate. We are proud of our active commitment to the well-being of our workforce and sustainability in all aspects of our operations.


Working at Exyte means being a valued employee of a leading global engineering and construction company. As an Exyte employee you will always be working on many of the world’s most complex, challenging and state-of-the-art projects – from next generation microchip manufacturing to e-mobility or nanotechnology research. You will work on solving tough challenges, which have a positive impact on the future, for example solar power, digitalization or batteries for e-mobility. Our working results have a positive impact on the future of our societies, for example, when it comes to topics like solar power, digitalization or batteries production for e-mobility. At Exyte, we are operating at the cutting-edge of technology and innovation as every project is unique.


Exyte operates internationally across a range of the world’s most dynamic technology-led sectors such as Advanced Technology Facilities, Life Sciences & Chemicals and Data Centers. From design and engineering to construction and full turnkey project delivery, we are able to offer a wide variety of career opportunities for our employees. At Exyte, you will be able to solve complex problems with your team, gaining valuable experience from highly experienced colleagues.

Global perspectives

Being an Exyte employee enables you to be working locally within a global network of over 4,800 people in more than 20 countries worldwide. After joining Exyte, you will work with colleagues from a broad range of cultures and professional backgrounds.