People at Exyte and their advice for you

Sebastian Göggel

Head of Human Resources, EMEA Region

During your interview, we would like to understand what drives and motivates you. We are looking for open-minded people who like to make a difference. Be genuine, be yourself, and let us know what is important to you. We would like to know how you will contribute to the success of Exyte, where your strengths are and how you see yourself adding value to the role for which you are applying. Finally, we would also like to see that you know who Exyte is, what our company does, and what we stand for. Please do your due diligence ahead of time and be prepared for your interview.

Burkhard Opper

Director Engineering, Singapore

I look for well-rounded individuals with personal drive and an intuition for reasonable solutions in potential candidates. Strong communication skills are also a must. Thus, I expect from potential hires to have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of engineering and the ability to adapt those core principals rapidly and effectively to a project. At Exyte, our engineers are in-house and deliver the full scope of a project lifecycle - which provides them with the opportunity to design and deliver systems across the full breadth of their discipline due to the large scale of our projects. Exyte offers a diverse range of opportunities that are very unique to the market: there is truly no specific type of hire that we look for or mold that we try to fill.

Cathy Cafarelli

Director of GBU Advanced Technology Facilities, Exyte U.S., Inc.

Here at Exyte, we put a very large emphasis on our most important resource - people. We are looking for talented, driven and imaginative team members who put value on the importance of being a part of a highly collaborative group. In interviews, beyond the technical and professional capabilities, we are looking for someone who understands that the success of everything we do starts and ends with the success of the team. Personal excellence that contributes to the success of the project, problem solving, and an ability to lead and be led is important for every role, from support staff to Project Directors. These are primary qualities that we look for in any candidate.

Varun Sahay

Business Analyst, GBU Advanced Technology Facilities

When preparing for an interview with Exyte, be sure to know our company: what we do and the different industries and locations we operate in would be a good starting point. Your insights about the area where you would like to work show our recruiters your enthusiasm, knowledge and your ability to summarize your skillset. Clear, rational thinking and strategic questions should give you an edge in order to have a successful interview. If we impress you, then you should impress us and then we can impress our clients together.