Exyte Delivers Record Sales in Challenging Macroeconomic Environment

Exyte’s €4.1 billion sales in 2020 exceeded 2019’s record-setting mark of €3.9 billion by 5%. Europe (EMEA) was the strongest region with sales climbing 75% year-over-year to €2.4 billion, much of which is attributable to semiconductor projects underway in Ireland and Austria and a data center project in Denmark. EMEA also won €2.2 billion worth of new orders. Although sales in Asia-Pacific (APAC) decreased slightly to €1.1 billion with the pandemic holding up some projects, its order intake was at the same amount, €1.1 billion. The situation was similar in the USA (AMER), with sales decreasing to €483 million, but new orders increasing to €656 million. Overall, order intake in 2020 decreased to €4.1 billion, down from the Group’s record high of €4.8 billion last year. Compared to 2019, free cash flow increased by €148.3 million to €215.5 million, an increase of over 220%. 

Exyte continued to operate very profitably with adjusted EBIT amounting to €213 million in FY 2020, just short of 2019’s €223 million. The adjusted EBIT margin came to 5.2%, a strong performance given the global circumstances. Three factors contributed prominently to this success – the rigorous safety and compliance policies that kept the company operating, the strategic focus on growth industries, and the success of the oneCOMPANY initiatives to streamline and standardize internal processes. 

Dr. Wolfgang Büchele, CEO of Exyte, says, “The actions we took enabled us to operate very efficiently despite the challenging global environment. Our efforts to optimize and digitalize our organization to grow our margins are starting to bear fruit. It was a remarkably successful year for us, and we are delighted to see our strategy working. Order intake, sales, and adjusted EBIT somewhat reflect that there is a crisis underway, but our financial performance compared well with last year’s outstanding one. All three indicators met or even exceeded our projections.” 

Semiconductors and batteries business booms
Exyte’s largest strategic business segment, Advanced Technology Facilities (ATF), increased sales to €3.5 billion, up 12.4% from 2019’s €3.1 billion. ATF also won new orders in the amount of €3.4 billion from semiconductor and battery companies in Ireland, Germany, USA, Austria, and Israel. 

The Biopharma & Life Sciences (BLS) and Data Centers (DTC) business segments delivered as expected. BLS’s sales dipped to €221 million after it completed a project in the USA. However, it won new projects in Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, and the USA worth up to €440 million. 

Promising prospects for 2021
Although the pandemic will continue for some time to come, Exyte’s outlook remains optimistic.
“In 2020, we laid a strong foundation for future profitable business growth. Our order intake in Q1 2021 is already more than 50% above the respective figure of 2020 and we expect our order intake in full year 2021 to increase by 30% along with an increase in sales and EBIT,” states Peter Schönhofer, CFO of Exyte.

Follow this Link to view the annual report for FY 2020.

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