Email reporting

Email reporting can be done via

Before sending an email to our Exyte Ethics Line, please refer to the frequently asked questions below:

a. Protect your identity

The Exyte Ethics Line is operated externally by Deloitte Tipp-offs Anonymous to ensure independence and total anonymity. Please note that by making use of the email facility, your email address will become known to Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous but not to the Exyte Compliance Team, if not explicitly preferred. The Exyte Ethics Line ensures confidentiality and anonymity for your reporting but also enables you to leave your contact details. So you can choose between the following options:

  • “Anonymous” where you are not required to provide any of your contact details (this is, of course, only possible if you use a non-personalized email account),
  • “Partially anonymous” where the personal and contact details provided by you remain with Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous only and
  • “Confidential”, where the personal and contact details will be provided to the Exyte Compliance Team

To choose one of the options above, please state at the beginning of your mail (i.e. as the first sentence of your email), how your report shall be treated, e.g. “Please treat this report confidential.” If you do not state anything concerning anonymity, Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous will make contact with you to confirm your preferred option. 

We would like to encourage you to choose the options “Partially anonymous” or “Confidential” in order to facilitate the investigations of the Exyte Corporate Compliance Team. Your identity will certainly not be disclosed to anyone who is not involved in the investigation process.


b. Describe your case

In order to assist the Exyte Corporate Compliance Team with sufficient information for a meaningful investigation to take place, please refer to the following checklist before drafting your email:

  • The protection of personal identity/ how your report shall be treated, e.g. “Please treat this report confidential.”
  • Date and time of the incident
  • A detailed description of the irregularity you have observed
  • Was there any exchange of money, gifts or entertainment?
  • The physical address where the irregularity occurred
  • Name(s) of the people involved
  • Do you have any evidence (documents, invoices, bank statements, purchase orders, etc.)? If possible, please attach such items to your mail.
  • Are there any witnesses?

Please provide as much detail as possible. This will support us in the investigation. Thank you.

Within 24 hours after submission of your email report, you will receive an email from Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous with the reference number of your case. We kindly ask you to save this reference number. In this e-mail, you will also be asked for the anonymity level you prefer if not already stated in your email report.

Once feedback from the Exyte Corporate Compliance Team is available or in the event that additional information is required, Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous will contact you via email.

Your report will be translated into English (if necessary) and then be provided to the Exyte Corporate Compliance Team for investigation. The Exyte Corporate Compliance Team may have further questions on the incident, so they might contact you via Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous. The contact will be made by either by telephone or email, depending on the contact details you provided. Therefore, we kindly ask you to check your emails from time to time if there is a respective message from Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous. Please answer this email - either by writing to Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous to maintain anonymity or by answering to the Exyte Corporate Compliance Team directly ( - since the Exyte Corporate Compliance Team might be dependent on your help

For further questions regarding email reporting, please contact Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous team via email ( or via telephone by dialing the relevant contact number for your region and select the option to speak to a live operator.