Our core values

Our success is derived from creating value for all stakeholders – our clients, employees, suppliers and shareholder. We strive to continuously improve our service and foster teamwork throughout our Group.


  • We keep our promises and meet our commitments.
  • The courage to remain truthful ensures fairness in all our relationships.

Cultural diversity

  • We cultivate our global spirit through mutual respect and the sharing of experiences.
  • Cultural diversity is a strength that creates a richness within our Group.

Pride in our employees

  • We create a future together by nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit through rewarding courage and creativity.
  • People are the core of our business and ensure our future success

People and environment

  • We are committed to an injury-free workplace where everybody goes home safe.
  • Respect for people means to care for them and to protect the environment in which we live and work.

Client orientation

  • We commit ourselves to long-term partnerships focused on creating value for our clients.
  • Client satisfaction is achieved through the high quality of our people and their work.


  • We foster relationships with clients, employees and suppliers on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.
  • Leadership must ensure balance between the level of empowerment and controls.

Our commitment to you

At Exyte, we value our employees by providing a safe, healthy workplace where we lead by example through safe work behavior displayed and encouraged by our leadership and managers. We build on a culture of care, trust and concern for everyone. We aim to build an injury-free workplace and sustainable environment.

We focus on the values of life, health and the protection of the environment during the development and delivery of our services and products. We achieve this through the continuous improvement of our operating environments. We enable and facilitate the technologies that advance and improve quality of life – and thus serve our clients and their clients.

We are committed to our employees, partners, clients and stakeholders and lead our company by our Core Values. Our Core Values are at the heart of everything that we do and we encourage each of our employees to implement these Values in their daily business activities. We consider these principles to be preconditions of durable employment and of our company’s success.

Everyone at Exyte is encouraged to step up and embody our Core Values - because our environment, our people, our stakeholders and the world we live in matter.It is our responsibility to care and protect.

Dr. Wolfgang Büchele

Chief Executive Officer

Roberto Penno

Chief Operating Officer

Wolfgang Homey

Chief Financial Officer