2021 Internship Stories - Part I

Gong, Huimin

Cleanroom Design Intern 

"I am more determined"

Huimin started her journey at Exyte in China a few months ago. She is an intern of the mechanical department and mainly works on the design of cleanrooms. 

Huimin is a fresh graduate. She just received her bachelor’s degree in Environment Design this year. After this internship, she is very excited to be an official employee at Exyte. “Although I know that the future will surely have uncertainties and challenges, I am still confident to handle everything. I believe that my competence and passion will qualify me for my first job.” 

“Being a construction designer? At first, I hesitated.”

As a young graduate, life in the future seems like a new puzzle for her. “By chance, I knew Exyte when I was searching internship opportunities on the internet. I was interested in this company and the internship it provided, but before I sent my resume, I hesitated. People around me advised me to stay in the office rather than being at the construction site. Although it was hard to make a decision, I sent my resume anyway. I thought I should give myself a chance andat least would not regret it in the future.”

“Three months, two projects, one big step” 

Huimin  has so far participated in two projects. “Both projects are related to the construction of semiconductor plants. To be honest, it was exciting, and stressful, too, but my mentor Sherry  guided me patiently and we revised the drawings and finalized the completion data together. Gradually, I learned and understood how to complete drawing papers. I think the professional skills that I learned from school have been consolidated and applied to practice, and my soft skills, such as communications skills, have also improved a lot! I am quite proud of myself.” 

“Stay calm and carry on.” 

The internship experience has assured Huimin that design is the right fit for her. “I have started to draft my career plan,” Huimin said with a smile. “Here, I have made friends with a bunch of excellent people, and I recognized that I have a deep passion for the industrial design. So, I intend to have a long-term development in this area. I hope that I can learn a lot in the first years of my career, and accumulate more design experience. Then, I want to participate in a project independently.”