2021 Internship Stories - Part II

Wang, Weiyue

Electrical Intern

"Every moment is enjoyable"

Weiyue has been working at Exyte China for more than five months. He is doing his internship in the Electrical Department and helps with draft drawing and auxiliary work. 

Weiyue graduated from Tongji University which is a top-tier University in China in the fields of architecture and engineering, and he majored in Building electrical and intelligence. “Exyte for me is an ideal company to join, because it is an excellent company with high reputation in my area of expertise, I am very excited to join it.”

“I have a great time at Exyte”

“I like the environment of Exyte. The office is located in the center of Shanghai and it is very close to the subway station. Everyone has a wide and comfortable work space. The huge floor-to-ceiling windows provide very good daylight conditions. 

Furthermore, my colleagues are very nice. There is one person who gives me the deepest impression, Mr. Arend Suhr, who is managing the Engineering Department. The special thing about him is that he is a German. I learned German in university and have been to Germany three years ago. In my interview, I got a chance to have a chat with him in German.”

“I love to be part of the project”

“I guess the proudest thing during the internship is that I was involved in a huge semiconductor project. The time that I cooperated with Mark Stephens is also very memorable. In that project, we made a high-tech solar panel together, which can track the sunlight automatically. This is the first time I’ve been involved in a whole project. I’ve learned how to do work from the beginning design, and to ask different dealers and compare different products, as well as to finally assemble and install the system. It is a really meaningful experience.

“Firstly, be brave. ”

“I think my professional skills have been improved during the internship but what I want to share is something more inside. Firstly, be brave. I think what we learned in university should not limit us. We should share every possible idea, even though it might be wrong. But, when we figure out why it is wrong and what the better solution is, we can learn more than we expect. Secondly, be modest. We should learn from everyone we meet, ask others for help when we have any difficulty. There are many skillful and friendly colleagues around us, just let them know if we need any help and then learn from them.”