2021 Internship Stories - Part III

Liuke Shi

Summer intern

"A whole new world"

At the start of July, Liuke joined the Exyte China team as a summer intern. During the internship, she is mainly responsible for supporting and communicating with various departments. 

Liuke is a grad 2 university student, and she will return to school at the start of September. “The internship helps me to gain insight of the real business circumstances, and  it definitely enriches my life. I enjoy my work because it gives me the chance to interact with amazing people from different areas of expertise. I am very lucky and happy to be here -it makes my summer holiday so special.”

“Everything is new for me!”

The internship at Exyte China is the first time for Liuke to work in an office. “I think the vibe at Exyte is almost the same as what I imagined before: open-minded, professional, and friendly. Even though most of my colleagues are more experienced and professional than me, they always give me a chance to share my ideas and let me attend some big events. I once participated in a client meeting during which our colleagues cooperated with each other and reacted very quickly to the client’s concerns, providing them with comprehensive explanations. Very impressive!” 

“It transformed me mentally”

Liuke experienced the transition from a student to a worker and something changed inside her. “At school, I procrastinated a lot. I would never start to write my essays, do my pre-session works until the last minute of the deadline. But now, I would like to finish my work in an efficient way. I learned to manage my time, categorize my tasks according to urgency. Thanks to my leader, or mentor I should say, Faith, who taught me a lot about how to improve work efficiency. I understand that if one person procrastinates in his or her work, it will probably screw up the whole plan. So, I push myself to be responsible and focus on my work until it has been done.” 

“I should be proud of myself”

The internship has made Liuke more mature and independent, she can be proud of herself. “I think pushing myself out of my comfort zone is the proudest thing for me. I had the possibility to stay at home and enjoy my lovely summer holiday, but I decided to travel alone to Shanghai and start my internship here. I have to wake up early in the working days and travel to the office for an hour. To be honest, I am unmotivated sometimes, but I just force myself anyway. At work, I am sometimes assigned to some tasks that I am really not good at. Rather than just quit and say I know nothing about it, I ask my colleagues for help and try my best to figure out the way. I really enjoy the sense of accomplishment from the work.”