Exyte celebrates 'Women In Construction Week'

Exyte USA joins the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) to highlight our team members as critical and invaluable contributors of the construction industry.  We are committed to emphasizing the growing role of women in the industry, and share in their goal and vision of 'Leading Builders. Building Leaders.'

Our leadership team commitments

Chris Miller, President GBU BLS & SVP Operations - USA

We must acknowledge and eliminate gender bias from our culture and focus on developing training programs, mentorships, and focus groups specific to women.  We also need to include more women in our hiring of top talent regardless of the level of recruitment to improve our talent acquisition by looking through a better, more inclusive lens. 

The continued recruitment, retention and development of women in construction is an absolute must do for Exyte in order to diversify our views, approaches, solutions and outcomes for each other and our clients.

I want to leave you with two things. The first is a link to an inspiring article about female leaders you need to know in construction. 

The second is a powerful quote from former first lady Rosalynn Carter.

“You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.”

Salam Safi, HR Director - USA

How do you support and encourage more women in construction?

Recognizing that Construction is a broad and thriving industry, we need the talents of women more than ever to stay competitive. How we do this is a loaded question with many complexities and potential solutions. While there is no winning formula, just having more conversations around the issue is a critical place to start. The most important thing we can do is to create and provide a culture that is positive, supportive, and encourages personal and company-wide success. We all play a part in setting and actively embracing a culture that encourages all employees to treat each other with care and respect. Once that culture is in place, a lot of the traditional beliefs and stereotypes commonly associated with our industry can be driven away.

As director of Human Resources, I am in the unique position to see the way Exyte values the contributions of women today, and drive our future as an organization that welcomes and empowers women professionally. I take this mission seriously and am passionate about empowering the women of Exyte to reach their goals and to lift up those around them. As the saying goes, “Empowered Women, Empower Women”, but I believe empowered women can, and do, empower everyone. 

Matt Bell, Managing Director TFS

The Women of TFS continue to help grow and support the specialty construction industry that we serve.  These outstanding women continue to support the growth of our company and provide a competitive edge within our industry.  TFS wouldn’t be where it is today without them.  I highly recommend this industry to women, as it creates opportunity in both the construction and technology fields.  We will continue our effort to attract top female talent and continue to pave the way for other women to join.  In celebration of Women in Construction Week, please join us in recognizing the women of TFS.

Stephenie Stone, Global Director IT PMO

There is a longstanding perception that all jobs in the construction industry require extensive physical labor in frequently challenging and/or dangerous conditions. Furthermore, it is also assumed women are not interested or physically equipped for these types of roles.  However, the industry is evolving and these perceptions are being challenged.  To the contrary, there are many exciting opportunities for women in construction.  These opportunities exist both within construction operations and within the surrounding organizational support functions.  


In order to enable more women entering the industry,  company leadership needs to support this evolution.   An example of such support is to ensure female Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) options are available.  To provide adequate safety, the gear must fit properly and be proportioned correctly for female body shape and sizes.  Although this might seem basic, there are too many companies in the industry which do not yet do this.  There's no denying a lack of female representation is lacking in construction trades.  With the industry struggling to fill a labor shortage, it is time for the industry to focus on how to expand its female work force, and it's time for women to see the construction trades as a viable career path.

Denis Bacon, Vice President Advanced Technology Facilities USA

The participation of women in construction has seen a noticeable increase in recent years, trailing most other industries.  With women playing increasing roles in procurement, estimating, safety, scheduling, cost controls, project management and construction management, Exyte is benefiting from an expanding and increasingly diverse workforce that brings new perspectives and insight to a field that is in need of new ideas, approaches and energy.  Women in construction and construction related fields are a key piece of the growth and improved capabilities technically, and in improving engagement and communication among teams, clients, and suppliers.  Focusing on increasing the number of women in these roles is a critical element of driving Exyte’s capabilities and client-experience to be world-class.  I personally embrace this as a fundamental business need and support development in opportunities and mentorship for women in our profession consistently.