Global leader in controlled and regulated environments

50+ years experience in ultra-clean air and ultra-pure atmospheres ensures that today’s and tomorrow’s manufacturing processes are safe, clean, productive, cost effective – and environmentally friendly.

Key requirements for controlled and regulated environments in our business segments

Advanced Technology Facilities (ATF)
Life Sciences and Chemicals (LSC)

The manufacturing processes of our clients are subject to high standards and require our expertise in controlled and regulated environments. We provide the manufacturing facilities with ultra-clean air and ultra-pure atmospheres, ensure air temperature and humidity control and meet the client's specific requirements for example regarding differential pressure or noise insulation.

Exyte has an unique offering in our target markets


Controlled environments

Critical sub-systems

Installation & CQV services

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Exyte's products and systems portfolio for controlled and regulated environments includes a variety of solutions such as filter fan units, makeup air handling units, precise environmental chambers or air quality monitoring. Have a look at the > Productfinder of Exyte Technology.