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Much of a high-tech factory’s efficiency and productivity depends on its design – does it fit the client’s needs?
With a global network of engineers, an endtoend skill set, and an integrated approach, Exyte can answer that question with a resounding yes. This sets Exyte apart: We are in a position to design facilities that enable our clients to benefit from best practices and optimized workflows in their production environments. Basic and detailed engineering, value engineering and cost optimization, supplier assessment, tendering documents development – all this is part of our service package.


Benefit from the full range and combination of services

  • Basic & detailed engineering
  • Integrated approach
  • Design reviews
  • Value engineering & cost optimization
  • Package development for tendering & execution


Engineering & Design for your industry

"The trust that clients have in our work makes me very proud to be part of a highly skilled, collaborative, and passionate team."


Patricia Brown
Senior Engineer, Singapore


Project reference

The benchmark for wafer fabs in Europe

A client tasked Exyte to design and build a self-sufficient complex for manufacturing semiconductors within the confines of its grounds.

The limited space available for the prospective plant and its proximity to other buildings posed a daunting challenge for design and construction engineers. Exyte solved some of the footprint problem by building vertically.

This fab’s sophisticated structure took care of the rest.

Value engineered to meet the client’s budget, it is destined to become one of the most advanced semiconductor fabs.

To save time, boost productivity, and give the client the peace of mind that comes with accurate costing, subcontractors were brought on board early on to collaborate in the building’s design.

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