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The journey from planning to handover is complicated with so many work crews, stakeholders, and subcontractors to coordinate. And the more complex the project, the more vulnerable it is to disruption. Our experienced project teams keep on top of everything, managing the construction work, procuring assets, coordinating crews, liaising with authorities, and handling permits while monitoring compliance with environmental, quality, and safety standards. With this vigilant management, we are able to execute even very large projects on budget and to specifications. Our clients get the buildings they need to bring their products to market that much faster.

Benefit from the full range and combination of services

  • Permitting, licensing & environmental compliance
  • EHS (Environment, Health & Safety)
  • Planning & scheduling
  • Commercial management
  • Design management
  • Quality assurance (QA) & quality control (QC)


Project & Construction Management for your industry

"We do Safety because it’s the only right thing for the people, not because it’s the rule.”


Silvia Turtschan
Senior Project Manager, Stuttgart


Project reference

SDP China

When SDP set out to build G10.5, a factory for flat panel display glass, in China, it selected Exyte as its general contractor to manage the engineering, procurement, and construction tasks.

The facility was already in the works when SDP opted to make some major structural changes. Asked to raise the roof and reconfigure grid layouts, Exyte had to modify the finished sections of the structural steel, redesign and fabricate new structural steel for the melt and batch buildings, and revamp all in-building systems.

Rising to these challenges on the fly while complying with rigorous quality standards on a very tight work schedule, Exyte achieved SDP’s objectives.

A bird’s-eye view of SDP’s G10.5, a factory for flat panel display glass in China

Project reference

Data center for a major cloud provider

As a fully integrated engineering and construction services organization, Exyte was able to align all processes and scopes to deliver a highly efficient, lean, and sustainable hyperscale data center for a major cloud provider. Data centers have mission critical requirements for resilience of cooling, power, and IT systems. Exyte used Building Information Modeling (BIM) to visualize the design and virtual construction methodologies, including tying in the cost, schedule, and controlling systems to ensure best-in-class and safe project delivery.

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