Exyte in the United Kingdom

Working in many of the most dynamic, technically challenging and rapidly changing industry sectors

Exyte has been operating in the UK for over 25 years, applying global expertise, technology and engineering excellence to deliver many of the country’s most advanced manufacturing plants and research laboratories.

With our two offices in the UK, alongside access to the skills of over 4,800 colleagues worldwide, Exyte is able to integrate the latest technology with intelligent buildings, using specialist lean construction methods and commissioning expertise in the UK.

We are focused on creating the next generation of precision engineered environments and advanced production facilities. Because at Exyte; we know the best is yet to come.

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Operating across Exyte's business segments including Advanced Technology Facilities (ATF), Life Sciences & Chemicals (LSC) and Data Center (DTC) in the United Kingdom we are focused on the following Markets:

Exyte Hargreaves

MW Hargreaves Ltd.
Lord Street
Bury Lancashire BL9 0RG
United Kingdom

Phone:+44 161 7645082
Email: info@mw-hargreaves.net
Website: mw-hargreaves.net/

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