Privacy statement

Exyte has a firm commitment to protecting your data online

Our goal at Exyte is to develop an online environment that is simple to use and respects the rights and expectations of visitors to the Exyte website.

The responsible data controller for this website is Exyte GmbH, Loewentorbogen 9b, 70376 Stuttgart, Germany („Exyte“, “we” or “us”). More information is available in our > website imprint.

In the following, we will explain to you in detail which personal data we process, for what reason and on the basis of which laws and regulations. In addition, we will provide you with further information as required by applicable laws and for your convenience. 


1. Operation of the website

We process your personal data to provide you with the information available on this website and to best tailor the services offered on this website to your preferences.

In this context, we are constantly improving the website as well as its services and also use data about your experience for this purpose.

Unless it is explicitly stated otherwise in the following sections, the legal basis for this processing of personal data is Article 6 para 1 f) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), i.e. a balancing of interests – based on our legitimate interest in providing this website and the services offered on it to Internet users, tailored to their preferences as much as possible as well as to introduce and make the Exyte Group as visible as possible to interested persons.


2. Processed data

Data you enter

For the purposes described herein this privacy statement, we may use any personal data that you enter on this website (e.g. using the contact form addressed in section 4 below). We process this data depending on the purpose you provided the data to us.

The respective details of which personal data is collected from you, why and on the basis of which legal basis can be found below or on the website where we ask you to enter the respective personal data.

2.2 Automatically collected data

In order to provide you with the right information on this website, we also process the following personal data:

• The address of the web page you are visiting on this website;

• The time spent on the website;

• The address of the web page you visited immediately before, if any (the “referrer”) or other methods you used to find our website (e.g. directly typed in address);

• Date and time of your visit and your time zone;

• Properties of your device, in particular its operating system, the browser you are using and the size of the display window of your browser;

• Your default language;

• The IP address of your device on the Internet;

• Transferred amount of data;

• Access status;

2.3 Cookies
2.3.1 Cookies on

In addition to the above we randomly assign ID numbers, which we and third parties working for us store on your device in text files. With these ID numbers we and the service providers working for us can recognize your device. This makes it possible to link your current website visit to your previous website visits and safe your preference during your visit and from your last visit. 

These ID numbers are stored in so-called “cookies” on your device. 

You agreed to the use of cookies when entering Exyte´s website in our cookie banner. Please find the banner under this link.

The use of cookies therefore is based on your consent (Art. 6 para 1 lit a) GDPR.

If you wish to review the cookies, their purpose and would like to change your permission, please click on the following link

You may always withdraw your consent. Withdrawing your consent does not affect that previous processing of your data was legal.

You can always remove cookies from your browser. You will find instructions on how to remove cookies from our browser in the help section of your browser.

2.3.2 Cookies on Pardot landingpages

Pardot sets first-party cookies for tracking purposes, and sets third-party cookies for redundancy. Using first-party and third-party cookies together is standard in the marketing automation industry. Pardot cookies don’t store personally identifying information, only a unique identifier. Pardot sets first-party cookies on the tracker subdomains and Pardot domains. Pardot uses third-party cookies on https pages and when the account doesn’t have a tracker subdomain set up.

Pardot sets the following cookies:
The visitor cookie includes a unique visitor ID and the unique identifier for your account. For example, the cookie name visitor_id12345 stores the visitor ID 1010101010. The account identifier, 12345, makes sure that the visitor is tracked on the correct Pardot account. The visitor value is the visitor_id in your Pardot account. This cookie is set for visitors by the Pardot tracking code.

If Tracking Opt-in preferences is enabled, the pi_opt_in cookie is set with a true or false value when the visitor opts in or out of tracking. If a visitor opts in, the value is set to true, and the visitor is cookied and tracked. If the visitor opts out or ignores the opt-in banner, the opt-in cookie value is set to false. The visitor cookie is disabled, and the visitor is not tracked.

The visitor hash cookie contains the account ID and stores a unique hash. For example, the cookie name visitor_id12345-hash stores the hash “855c3697d9979e78ac404c4ba2c66533”, and the account ID is 12345. This cookie is a security measure to make sure that a malicious user can’t fake a visitor from Pardot and access corresponding prospect information.

For further information about Pardot Cookies and their activity tracking, please follow this link.


3. Google analytics

This website uses functions of the web analysis service Google Analytics. The provider of this service is Google Ireland Limited (“Google”), Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Google Analytics enables us to analyze the behavior patterns of website visitors. You will find the data collected under 2.2 above. Google may consolidate these data in a profile that is allocated to the respective user or the user’s device.

Google Analytics uses technologies that make the recognition of the user for the purpose of analyzing the user behavior patterns (e.g., cookies or device fingerprinting). The website usage information recorded by Google is, as a rule transferred to a Google server in the United States, where it is stored.

This analysis tool is used on the basis of Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f GDPR. We have a legitimate interest in the analysis of user patterns to optimize the services offered online. 

The use of cookies also for Google Analytics is based on your consent (Art. 6 para 1 lit a) GDPR.

If you wish to review the cookies, their purpose and would like to change your permission, please click on the following link. You may always withdraw your consent. Withdrawing your consent does not affect that previous processing of your data was legal.

Data transmission to the US is based on the Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) of the European Commission. Details can be found here:

You can always remove cookies from your browser. You will find instructions on how to remove cookies from our browser in the help section of your browser.

IP anonymization

On this website, we have activated the IP anonymization function. As a result, your IP address will be abbreviated by Google within the member states of the European Union or in other states that have ratified the Convention on the European Economic Area prior to its transmission to the United States. The full IP address will be transmitted to one of Google’s servers in the United States and abbreviated there only in exceptional cases. 

Google shall use this information to analyze your use of this website for us to generate reports on website activities and to render other services to us that are related to your use of the website and the Internet. 

The IP address transmitted in conjunction with Google Analytics from your browser shall not be merged with other data in Google’s possession.

Browser plug-in

You can prevent the recording and processing of your data by Google by downloading and installing the browser plugin available under the following link:

For more information about the handling of user data by Google Analytics, please consult Google’s Data Privacy Declaration at:

Please note that with the links above you are leaving our website and we have no control over the content of the above-mentioned pages.

Data processing agreement

We have executed a data processing agreement with Google.

Archiving period

Data on the user or incident level stored by Google linked to cookies, user IDs or advertising IDs (e.g., DoubleClick cookies, Android advertising ID) will be anonymized or deleted after 14 month. 


4. Contact form and email communication

If you send inquiries to us or our affiliates via the website contact form or by email, we process the information you provide in such message (including your contact details) to deal with your inquiry, and to provide a reply. These communication personal data are stored by us for future reference.

Exyte is a global company group. We may therefore share information from your message with people working at affiliates of us, if this is necessary to deal with your request. Please find a list with all Exyte affiliates under this link

Depending on the nature of your request this may involve the transfer of personal data to Exyte affiliates located in countries outside the EU (some of which are countries for which the EU Commission has not decided that they ensure an adequate level of protection for personal data). 

Even in case of such transfers Exyte and its affiliates will always process your data in accordance with the requirements of applicable law, our legitimate interest to keep in contact with you, and only to deal with your inquiry and provide a reply.

In this regard we may implement safeguards depending on the nature of your inquiry and the company you wish to contact. If you require further information about the safe guards for your specific inquiry, please contact us at

The legal basis for this processing of data are Article 6 (1) b) and f) GDPR, i.e. performance of a contract or pre-contractual measures and a balancing of interests – based on Exyte’s legitimate interest to handle inquiries of its website’s users.

Exyte has a group wide privacy policy in place to protect your personal data.


5. Job applications

If you apply for a job at Exyte via this website, Exyte will store and process the data you provide to review and handle your application. If you apply for a job at an affiliated company of Exyte, Exyte will forward your data to the respective group company, where the data will be further processed as described herein and the Exyte entity you are applying at will collect your data as the controller according to the information given herein.

Depending on the location of your application’s target job this may involve a transfer of personal data to Exyte affiliates located in countries outside the EU (some of which are countries for which the EU Commission has not decided that they ensure an adequate level of protection for personal data). Even in case of such transfers Exyte and its affiliates will always process your data in accordance with the requirements of applicable law and only to deal with your application. 

The legal basis for this processing of data is Article 6 (1) b) GDPR (contractual and pre-contractual activities) or Art. 88 (1) GDPR i.c.w. Art. 26 (I) German Federal Data Protection Law – establishment and implementation of an employment relationship in case of a German entity.

You are not obliged to provide the information that is requested during the online application process, but without the requested information we may not be able to process your application.

We may provide you with additional information on how we process your data during a job application in the course of the application process and as you provide us with further personal data.

If your application is successful, Exyte (or the respective affiliate of Exyte) will continue to process your data for the purposes of your employment relationship. If your application is not successful, your data will be deleted within six months after the end of the application process. 

You may consent, however, that Exyte continues to store your application materials for up to 4 years. This will permit Exyte to stay in contact with you and to present suitable positions at Exyte and its affiliates. The legal basis for such processing is Article 6 (1) a) GDPR in connection with your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time, e.g. via email to or The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.


6. Third-party content

6.1 General

The internet is a connected environment. You will therefore not only find our own content on this website. We have also incorporated various third-party content that improves the way our website works. If you access one of our web pages with such third-party content, your browser establishes a direct connection to the servers of the respective provider and retrieves their content in order to display it to you.

6.2 Adobe Typekit

We use fonts from Adobe Typekit to display texts on this website (see Adobe Typekit is provided by Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited, 4-6 Riverwalk, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24, Republic of Ireland (“Adobe”).

The fonts are loaded directly from your web browser into a local cache on your device. They can then be used for displaying text on this website and, if necessary, other internet websites using the same fonts (which will reduce download times if a font is already stored in the cache). If your web browser does not support Adobe Typekit or does not allow access to Adobe Typekit, your browser will try to display the text in a default font.

When loading an Adobe Typekit font, your browser communicates directly with servers of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the U.S., which may record the corresponding font retrieval by your browser.

There is currently no decision by the EU Commission that the U.S. generally offers an adequate level of data protection. 

Adobe's website explains how Adobe uses and processes your information in connection with Adobe Typekit:

We cannot influence which data are collected by Adobe or its affiliates and we are not aware about the full extent of collection, use, and purposes as well as the duration such data is stored. We also do not have any information about deletion of the personnel data collected by Adobe.

6.5 Social Media

We are using the following Social-Media-Plug-ins: Xing, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Please be reminded that the social media provider also collects information through cookies, which you may have consented to in previous or Exyte´s website. You can prevent that by deleting the cookies you stored at your browser before clicking on the button. How such cookies are deleted depends on the type of your browser and you may find more information in your browser´s help.

We cannot influence which data are collected by the social media provider and we are not aware about the full extent of collection, use and purposes as well as the duration such data is stored. We also do not have any information about deletion of the personnel data collected by the social media.

The Social Media Provider stores the data collected about you and uses such data to establish user profiles as well as for advertisement and marketing, marketing research, and the design of their websites. The social media provider will also analyze activities about users, NO MATTER WHETHER THEY ARE LOGGED IN, to provide individualized advertisement, and to inform other users about their activities. You have a right to object against establishing a user profile, whereas you have to directly contact the respective social media provider. 

We are providing the plug in for you to enable you to interact with other users of the social media platform. For us the purpose is to improve our offers and connect with you through our social media platforms (Purpose Art. 6 (I) f) GDPR).

Please note that we transfer your data independently of whether you have an account at the social media provider at the plug in you clicked on. If you logged on with your social media account with the social media provider, the collected data will be directly linked to your account. The page may be directly linked to your account upon clicking the button. To avoid this for our site, but also for other sites, you can log out of your account regularly and especially before you click on the social media button.

You will find further information about the collection and use of your data on the privacy policy of the social media websites under the links below. Please note that these links will transfer you to the websites of the social media providers, on which we have no influence and which may collect personal data about you:





6.6 Legal basis

The legal basis for integrating third-party content as described in this Section 6 is Article 6 (1) f) GDPR (unless otherwise described herein balancing of interests – based on our interest to present attractive content to you as user of our website in a technically efficient manner).


7. External service providers

We use various external services providers to operate this website (e.g. data center operators). To the extent it is necessary these service providers also process personal data. We diligently select and supervise our service providers. They process the personal data only in accordance with our instructions and where necessary we concluded a data processing agreement.


8. Retention periods

We store personal data only as long as it is necessary for the purposes described herein, or as long as it is necessary to comply with statutory retention periods. Unless it is stated otherwise herein the personal data you have entered pursuant to section 2.1 above we will therefore not retain for longer than the statutory retention period. Unless it is stated otherwise herein the automatically collected personal data pursuant to section 2.2 will be anonymized after one week and deleted after 90 days.


9. Recipients

Unless stated otherwise herein this privacy information, we may share your data with other members of the Exyte Group based on the legal basis and purposes as listed above. The other members of Exyte Group may be based in countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area with different regulations concerning the privacy of personal data. 

We always ensure that the applicable data privacy regulations, including Chapter V, such as standard contractual clauses of the GDPR are complied with when sharing data and that required safeguards according to the data privacy regulations are taken, if necessary.

You will find a full list of entities under this link. Please contact Exyte as the controller or the data protection officer to receive information about safe guards when transferring data. 

The other Exyte entities will use any personal data based on the same purpose and regulations as Exyte, unless we received your permission to use the data otherwise.  

Outside the Exyte Group we will only transfer your personal data to third parties if we are legally obligated to do so, if this is necessary to fulfill a contractual obligation with you or if you have given your consent. 


10. Your rights

Upon request we will inform you whether Exyte stores any personal data about you, and if yes which. Under the statutory conditions you may have the right to demand that Exyte rectifies, restricts processing of, or erases these personal data.

You further have the right to object against processing of your personal data, which is processed based on Article 6 (1) lit. f) GDPR, in which case we will only proceed processing, if our legitimate interest to process your data overrides your interest, rights or freedoms to stop processing your personal data or for the exercise or defense of legal claims.

You also have the right to receive from us the personal data concerning you which you have provided to us, in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format. You have the right to transmit (or have transmitted) those personal data to another controller.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority for data protection matters. For Exyte GmbH the competent authority is the “Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit Baden-Württemberg“ in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


11. Contact

For general questions or suggestions with regard to data protection, please contact the Exyte Data Protection Team at

The responsible data controller and other German entities appointed a Data Protection Officer.

If you have any concerns, complaints or suggestions with regard to the processing of your personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer at

Exyte Management GmbH
Data Protection Officer
Löwentorbogen 9B
70376 Stuttgart