At Exyte, we focus on providing equal opportunities to our people, and enabling them to realize their potential. 

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Diversity, equality and inclusiveness are key factors that have shaped the success of Exyte. We take pride in having a melting pot of cultures, employees with diverse experiences and backgrounds, and the cohesive workforce across the organization. These unique differences have allowed us to collaborate and leverage on each other strengths, the diversity enriches us and elevates our expertise, and our common values and beliefs unite us as one company.

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, employees from around the world share their views about diversity, equality and inclusion, and how they pledge a stronger commitment to nurturing a more diverse and inclusive workplace for all.

"In an industry typically dominated by men, women working at all levels and in all functions make a positive difference while also driving diversity and inclusion. I'm proud to be one of them and invite others to join us at Exyte,"  Regine Asser, VP Corporate HR adds.

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Dr. Wolfgang Büchele, CEO

"At Exyte, we promote equal opportunities and ensure that all employees are enabled to apply their talents and skills on a daily basis. We are committed to an inclusive organization where all employees are valued and respected, and can work in a safe culture that embraces diversity. We treat all our employees with respect and dignity and foster the individual expertise and of each and everyone." 

He shared his views on internationalwomensday.com.

Roberto Penno, COO

"The best part of working in a team ist working with different people. Diversity is key!  I've been lucky and grateful to work in diverse and international teams."

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Get to know our testimonies: 

“Create inclusion and a sense of belonging.”
Stephenie Stone, Head of IT PMO

Organizational strength comes not just from the presence of diversity, but in knowing how to create inclusion and a sense of belonging within a diverse team. We all have commonalities at some level and focusing the team on their shared goals and achievements is key.

I have been blessed in my career to work with people who see me for my skills and knowledge rather than my appearance, nationality or gender. It’s my responsibility to do the same with others.

“Leadership knows no gender nor boundaries”
Siok Peng Tan, Senior Vice President Finance – North East & South East Asia

In establishing a more gender-equal society, within our communities or at our workplaces, I believe that leadership knows no gender nor boundaries. When it comes to developing employees to leadership roles, we need to focus on potential, capability, aptitude, attitude and fit. Treat everyone, regardless of gender, with equality. It means that you evaluate each as unique individuals and attempt to provide them with the required support instead of a one size fit all guidance.

As individuals, we all thrive with some variations of support needed. Be aware of the social stigmas, and help manage and maneuver around them. As leaders, we need to have self-awareness as people look at what you do and not just what you say. 

Siok Peng Tan shared her views on humanresourcesonline.net.



“Choosing the career you love, being diligent and unswerving.”
HongMei Li, Quality Management Head, North East Asia Region

HongMei believes this is the best way to achieve success in one’s career life. She majored in mechanical engineering in the university and became an engineer of the Sinopec Lanzhou Design Institute after graduation. Now she acts as the Head of the Quality Management in the Exyte North East Asia Region. "The change from being an ordinary engineer to the Head of Quality Management marked a milestone in my career life,” said HongMei. Since then, she became an expert of the National Quality Standard and various international standards. 
How does HongMei perceive the value of her job? "It is my responsibility to set up the operable and applicable workflows," she said. “Therefore, I have to know operation of every departments within the organization very well, and add value on it – that is what interest me”. 

Keep Walking and Never Look Back
Sally Chueh, Accounting & Finance Manager, Exyte Taiwan

In 2003, Sally Chueh became the only staff in the finance department of Hsinchu office. After 18 years, she is in charge of an excellent team. Today, Sally’s work is rather different from the early years. This is not only reflected in her increased responsibilities, but also in the way her works changed by advanced technology. Over the 30 years in Taiwan, Exyte is growing from strength to strength.

The efforts we put in it is like bringing up our own child – you always cherish it and expect a better further of it. Perhaps the way forward is not always a broad road, but I’m always inspired and encouraged. Sally and the team are determined to embrace this change and are now busy launching a new automated financial platform to improve efficiency and accuracy of financial work. 



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Empowered women, empower women - want some more inspiring Exyte voices?  

'Real change happens when those that are not affected join in the fight. As we celebrate international women’s equality month we must all be a part of the shared mission to eradicate inequality for women.'  

Jocelyn Williams, Talent Manager

'Some women are built, not made.' 

Doug Kreschollek, Mechanical Discipline Director

'Choose to be the heroine, not the hero.'

Olive Madueno, Human Resources Business Partner

Exyte colleagues all over the world show their commitment to this year's message "equality":

Statements by women for women during the International Women's Day 2020 #EachforEqual:

"Sharing is a way to gain knowledge, to gain support, and to discover that you are not the only one that... The more you share the stronger you are."

"Women's Day is our day, so are the other 364 days in year."

" Be yourself, be a women, that's what's special about you!"