Exyte and IT – how does that go together?

We create a better future by engineering and delivering facilities for high-tech industries worldwide.

Although Exyte is a company mainly looking for designers, engineers and project managers, our recruiters are actively appraoching talents who are affine for IT and digitalization as well. As a global player in the #EPC industry we need agile minds to help our clients transform their business in a future-proof way.  Digitalization is changing and already significantly enhancing the way how to deliver high-tech facilities. 

Exyte has developed a Digitalization Roadmap which means that we focus on digitalized project delivery.  Digitalization and integration of processes and workflows is the first major step, followed by the automation of inter-connected processes and concluding with smart analyses and predictability utilizing Artificial Intelligence #AI algorithms, all built on a cloud-based system. 

So #ExyteIT fits very well, especially if you are passionate about #Digitalization: Building Information Modeling #BIM and Virtual Design & Construction #VDC or if you may want to take part in Exyte’s own digitalization journey. BIM centralizes and connects all project data into a single data base. Along the lifecycle of a project, the BIM model grows constantly with more details, more data, more information. Exyte already uses systems and components with benchmarked results. A BIM model can be extended as part of the system set up for operations of a high-tech facility. 

We offer you a whole bunch of opportunities to shape the future in a sustainable growing environment: Are you IT expert, IT architect or IT solutions engineer for internal and external business #processes #systems #standardization? Join our team and contribute to an industry with touch points to many other trades and professions that are involved in the complex processes of construction projects!


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We are curious and looking forward to meeting you!

Here is, why you should consider joining Exyte for a career in digitalization & engineering:

⇒ You will join a global player with a strong local presence

⇒ You will be part of a company steeped in a long history that serves high-tech markets of the future.

⇒ You will enjoy a multicultural company that is connected by common values. 

Note: Please understand that we can only accept applications for the vacancies offered and do not accept unsolicited applications. 


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