Smart Battery Factories

Why is Exyte putting a stronger focus on the battery industry?

Re-chargeable Li-Ion batteries are increasingly required for a wide range of applications including e-mobility, energy storage, power devices and consumer gadgets. There are strong underlying growth drivers as well as regulatory pressure and incentive programs, which fuel a rise in demand for Li-Ion Batteries. There is no doubt that rising demand will inevitably lead to a corresponding rise for and cost-effective and large scale factories. As a global leader in the design, engineering and delivery of leading-edge high-tech facilities, we see a lot of potential for us in this market. We can leverage the know-how from previous projects and our customers will benefit from this experience and from the lessons learnt.

How are you expecting the battery market to develop in the next years?

We expect dynamic growth of the Battery industry and anticipate strong double-digit growth rates in the years to come (Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 20-30%). Over the next five years, we expect to see at least 20 new megafabs for batteries being built and consider ourselves to be ideally positioned to collaborate in the design and execution of these projects.

Why should battery manufacturers choose Exyte as a development partner for their battery production facilities?

Smart battery factories with cost effective building concepts and optimized logistic concepts are an increasingly important cost factor for Battery manufacturers. Thereby, the highly efficient delivery of a reliable Li-Ion battery fab at the lowest possible cost depends on a variety of factors. This undertaking represents a huge technological challenge where conventional building design know-how quickly reaches its limits. The design of Li-Ion battery fabs requires specialized expertise and in-depth knowledge of the required safety features due to the potential fire risk since flammable chemicals need to be handled. As a global leader in the design, engineering and delivery of leading-edge controlled and regulated environments, Exyte is able to contribute valuable engineering know-how.

Which services can Exyte offer to potential clients in the battery industry?

Our comprehensive service package for our customers ranges from consulting through engineering and construction to the turnkey handover of Li-Ion battery fabs. From initial concept studies and consulting projects to design and turnkey project execution, we offer services for the development of optimized building concepts, site master planning, industrial and equipment engineering and cost estimates. The design of the building and facilities includes support for the environmental permitting and all aspects related to safety. The construction covers the entire project control, tool install and commissioning: In time – in budget. Initial projects are already underway with leading international Battery manufacturers. 

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