Web reporting

Web reporting can be done via > www.tip-offs.com.
Before issuing a report on the website, here we will answer you some frequently asked questions:

The website is the external website from Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous to ensure total anonymity. Kindly note that you can remain completely anonymous if required. Your identity will not be traced or recognised.
To make a web-report, please open the Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous website www.tip-offs.com.

In the left corner of the page, you can choose your language.
To release a report please click “Make a report” at the top.

After having chosen the country where the incident took place, you decide which level of anonymity you prefer. We recommend to choose the options “partially anonymous” or “confidential” since this facilitates the investigations of the Exyte Compliance Team. Your identity will certainly not be disclosed to anyone who is not in charge with the investigations. Then you will be guided through the reporting tool by different questions with drop-down menus and text fields.

After submission of your report you will automatically receive a reference number. 
Please diligently write down this reference number and save it. With this reference number you may access and login at section “Receive feedback” at the Deloitte Tip-off Anonymous website. For any follow up questions, the Exyte Compliance Team will use this account, see section 3 below.

Your report will be translated into English (if necessary) and then be provided to the Exyte Compliance Team for investigation. The Exyte Compliance Team may have further questions on the incident, so they might contact you via the Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous website (see section 2 above). Therefore, we kindly ask you to log into the Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous website with your reference number from time to time. The Exyte Compliance Team might be dependent on your help and they can only contact you in this way

For further questions regarding web reporting, please contact Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous team directly via the contact details on the website www.tip-offs.com