Infinitely configurable biomanufacturing environments that provide all the benefits of standardization without sacrificing customization. Best of all, your operators will enjoy wide-open spaces to work comfortably with greater productivity.

From the moment Exyte interfaces with clients all across the project, our promise to you is:

  • Democratizing information and decisions
  • Standard grid system adapts to any equipment
  • Unique arrangement of utilities and mechanical infrastructure
  • Standardized building blocks “Cellular Design” for highest flexibility to adapt customer needs without re-engineering
  • Simplicity in design
  • Simplicity by minimal interfaces between cells
  • Minimal set of cells – highest level of modularity

Velocity. Certainty. Flexibility.The Promise of ExyCellTM

Changes in design of the process happen late in a drug-manufacturing project, so why build facilities that do not allow for those changes? ExyCellTM technology, with its infinitely configurable cellular design, provides standardization where it makes sense.

Inside the technology are configurable (and reconfigurable) features that allow for the normal, expected changes that regulatory and clinical trials, and a changing market, always bring. ExyCellTM technology builds upon the idea that we are smart enough to ‘fix in place’ the things that remain certain/standard, and leave flexibility for those parts of the drug development and manufacturing process that we know will change.