Innovative facilities for gigawatt-hours-scale Li-Ion battery production

Cost-competitive, high capacity Li-Ion battery manufacturing

The demand for Li-Ion manufacturing capacity is expected to more than double from now through 2023 continue to march forward towards while battery prices will reach the 100 US$/kWh level. Exyte has developed a unique modular factory design concept with integrated solutions, while taking into account all required safety measures as well as technology requirements. It allows for the most cost-efficient, high quality and flexible production of large volumes of Li-Ion batteries, thereby providing the leverage for this still young technology to successfully develop and gain broad market acceptance. From initial concept studies and consulting projects to the design all the way through large-scale production solutions, Exyte provides services for developing advanced building concepts with optimized logistics and industrial engineering solutions adapted to the technology requirements. This approach ensures that clients can realize their challenging capacity and cost targets in advanced battery production in time and on budget.

Controlled process, conditioned storage, consolidated manufacturing

From slurry preparation, anode and cathode coating, to cell assembly and electrolyte filling until formation and storage, optimized safe environments, including leading-edge dryrooms, are imperative. Low humidity environments, constant temperature control and special fire protection measures are also vital for dedicated areas within Li-Ion production facilities. Exyte engineered and patented the cost effective dryroom concept to reduce investment and operational costs. Our company provides a comprehensive suite of services, including full EPC/EPCM capability and the contracting of specialist work packages . Our technology specialists speak your language to ensure that all requirements can be optimally integrated into a sustainable, cost-effective battery fab. Exyte has the expertise to handle complex, challenging facility projects with controlled environments while providing the innovative edge borne out of disruptive technology concepts.

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