Global data center design and construction solutions

Delivering all services for data center projects from a single source

Using our integrated project delivery approach, Exyte has designed and delivered many highly efficient, low power usage effectiveness data center projects for high performance computing, state-of-the-art modular data centers and large-scale cloud and enterprise data center clients around the globe.

Our clients gain value from our knowledge and experience with all levels of data center facilities and our data centers are designed and constructed with commissioning in mind to allow speed to market. Exyte is at the forefront of facility trends in data centers, which allows us deliver a data center facility designed with your operations in mind.

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Introducing Exyte's data center experience to projects globally

Through our global representation, Exyte can provide our clients with a global/local or local only solution in either design or construction. With over 20 years of global data center experience, Exyte understands each client's requirements for design, delivery, commissioning and facility performance as well as the critical areas of concern that are considered when you decide to undertake any data center project. 

Value chain: 

  • strategy & requirements
  • front-end engineering & design
  • detailed design
  • procurement 
  • construction
  • commissioning

Benefits of working with Exyte

Technology Expertise

We have in-house cutting-edge technical expertise that you need to ensure the success of your project delivery.

Speed and Schedule

Our standardized integrated delivery process and contract flexibility allows us for seamlessly execution and meet your production driven need for fast project kick-off and execution.

⇒ Cost Target

With our robust market data, cost information and sub-contractor intelligence, plus the ability to ring-fence costs once scope is established, we can meet your need to stay within budget to ensure return on investment of the facilities.


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What is a data center?

Data centers are facilities that provides space, power and cooling for network infrastructure. They centralize a business’s IT operations or equipment, and store, share and manage data. Businesses depend on their reliability and security to ensure that daily IT operations. 

Trends that affect increased investments in large hyperscale data centers (operated by owner): 

  • digitization of the economy and all areas of life (Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence)
  • processing intense technologies
  • further growth and long-time storage of large amounts of data
  • dissemination of the cloud operating model and cloud computing

Exyte provides optimized solutions to facilitate clients in offering robust, scalable applications and storage portfolio of services to individuals or businesses.

Kinds of data centers

Article by Walter Wong, VP GBU Data Centers: 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in running a data center