Environment,  health and safety (EHS) commitment:

We are committed to an incident-free workplace where everybody goes home safe

EHS Vision

Exyte is committed to overseeing an incident-free environment through the prevention of injuries, occupational ill health, pollution and operational losses to ensure the safe delivery of our Target Zero and Beyond program.

EHS Mission

People and Environment is our core value applied through all operations to maintain robust global standards.

EHS Commitment

The Executive Committee is responsible for establishing the company’s SHEQ policy, monitoring the company’s performance through regular leadership reviews and striving for continuous improvement strategies.

We live Safety

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“Nothing is more important in any mature organisation than our employees, we spend time training them, mentoring them and encouraging them to bring added value to our organization. Therefore, it makes sense that we nurture them in an Incident Free Workplace and ensure everyone goes home safe everyday.” 

Jonathan Eades, VP Corporate Safety Health Environment and Quality

“It’s important to have conversations about safety with workers regularly, not only to correct unsafe behaviors but to reward safe behaviors too, only then can we enhance the Incident Free Workplace program where all our employees go home safe.”

Mark Garvey, President Asia-Pacific Region

Safety Award

Exyte Malaysia Awarded Platinum Diamond and Gold Premier at MOSHPA 2019

At Exyte, safety is not just about the tasks and checklist. It is about creating a safety culture and active engagement of safety amongst our colleagues, suppliers, subcontractors and clients, so that the workplace is safe and everyone goes home safely every day. Our strong safety commitment in Malaysia was recognized recently at the Malaysian Occupational Safety and Health Practitioners’ Association (MOSHPA) awards on 13 September 2019. Exyte Malaysia received the Platinum Diamond and Gold Premier awards in the category of ‘OSH Management in Advanced Technology Facilities’ during the award ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.

“I am very proud of Exyte Malaysia team for taking home these awards. Thanks to the consistent effort of the team as well as their commitment to our IFW program, we were able to achieve these accolades.”

Marc Betz, Managing Director Exyte Malaysia

Safety Excellence

Exyte was presented the “Excellent Contractor” award by GCLSemi. The award is in recognition of Exyte’s achievement of 800,000 safety work hours during the construction of GCLSemi’s silicon wafer manufacturing cleanroom project in Xuzhou, China.

“Exyte executed the entire project with utmost professionalism. Their project management approach and highly experienced team gave us the assurance that the project will be delivered on time. The Exyte team presented advanced and state-of-the-art ideas and solutions, and they responded to project matters in a timely manner. I am very satisfied with the work that the Exyte team delivered,” said Mr. Zheng, Xiongjiu, General Manager of GCLSemi. Mr. Zheng also added that the Exyte team ensured that quality and safety were never compromised – they raised standards of safety at the project site and were able to influence other contractors to adopt safety as a value.

“The “Excellent Contractor” award from GCLSemi is truly an honor and testament to the outstanding engineering services and expertise of our teams, as well as our commitment to safety, on-time and on-budget delivery of projects for our clients. This is our first project with GCLSemi and I am confident that we will continue to achieve many more milestones together.”

“A safe project is the result of good planning, disciplined execution and a committed team. With these factors our projects are safe and successful. In order for us to deliver a project successfully and safely, it takes a world-class project management approach as well as safety values and behavior that are strongly embedded across the organization.” 

Frank Lorenzetto, Managing Director of Exyte China

Safety Story

At a project site in Taiwan, there was an unplanned release of a CO2 fire suppression system in an electrical room. This release and the work going on in the electrical room was in no way associated with Exyte or our work. However, when they became aware of the incident our Mr. Chen Shao Zhang (Len) and Mr. Wilson Soh immediately responded to the scene and went into action. Len put on a breathing apparatus and went into the electrical room and assisted in the recovery of an individual who had been overcome by the gas. Wilson posted himself in the corridor and coordinated the activities of the other responders and secured the area to ensure no unprotected personnel entered the unsafe areas.

All persons impacted by the CO2 release eventually fully recovered. Had it not been for the quick and selfless activities of these two Exyte employees, the outcomes could have been very different. I was proud to recognize the behavior of these two men in front of their project team when I recently visited the site. For me, their commitment to Safety was clearly demonstrated by their quick actions and not in any way hindered by questions about whether the work area was ours or the effected personnel were Exyte staff. Their actions were solely and purely in the interest of Safety and quite possibly saved lives. I have never been prouder to shake the hand of two men who truly represent our IFW motto of Safety Every day for Everyone! 

Well done Len and Wilson and thank you for being safety heroes. 

Mark Garvey, President Asia-Pacific-Region